A Film by Yakie Ayalon




Esther, Emmanuel and Michal were born in Israel to migrant parents from Nigeria.

In a moment of despair, they were torn away from their Israeli existence to a life of poverty and survival in Nigeria, unable to continue their studies, living for a time on the streets. When Esther celebrated her eighteenth birthday she managed to return to Israel on her own. Israel is not the same home she remembered, but despite everything she is determined to bring her family back to Israel and reunite again. Now it’s up to her to save the family.


This Film was Produced with the support of KAN 11 - Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation and NFCT - The New Fund for Cinema & Television 

With Participation of

Esther Essien, Emmanuel Essien, Michal Essien,

Marci Essien, Miracle Njoku


Directed & Produced by Yakie Ayalon  Cinematography by Ran Mendelson

Edited by Nohar Haseen   Script by Yakie Ayalon & Nohar Haseen 

Original Music by Ophir Leibovitch   Sound Design & Mix Erez Eyni Shavit

Technical Magic Media Jide Makinde   Production Nigeria Aguoro & Associates 

Graphic Design Studio Grotesca Design



Ayalon Productions

Ayalon Productions is a leading company for Documentary and video production services in West Africa, South Africa and Israel. Social values and human issues have a significant part in our films. We try to ask questions that touch upon the moral dilemmas of human nature. We produced Award Winning films screened at prestigious Film Festivals, and broadcast on Israeli and International television. We provide all production services for International TV, Documentary films, Corporate and Commercials.


Yakie Ayalon

Yakie is an Israeli Film Director, born in Jerusalem in 1978. He was raised in Nigeria and returns to Africa frequently for various film projects. Yakie directed Award Wining Documentaries, Shorts and Fiction films. His films were screened at prestigious Film Festivals around the world, and broadcast on Israeli and international television. 

He is currently based in Jerusalem.




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